Moose Hunting

Have you ever felt the adrenaline rush of stalking a 1000lb animal in its own habitat? Trying to stay low in the bush or on the bog? Hoping it doesn’t catch your scent? We know the thrill; we do it every day.

Moose hunting is our forte. Our moose management area (Area 17, and 18 Millertown) continues to be a prime location for non-resident hunting in Newfoundland. This area has a very healthy moose population which has translated into a 90% success rate for the business. Each year we are successful in taking sizeable bulls, ranging from 1000–1500lbs, and cows, averaging 800lbs. Some of our moose racks have scored >180 with the Boone and Crockett scoring system.

Hunting from either the main lodge or using our spike camps, we employ two techniques:

  • Spot and stalk: offers tremendous opportunities and can cover a large area of terrain using a variety of equipment (4 x 4 trucks, ATVs, Argos, motorized boats and walking)

  • Moose calling: a heart-thumping experience when a mature bull answers the call and you prepare yourself in anticipation of its appearance. An experience you are not likely to forget.

While the rifle and black powder hunting season does not start until the second Saturday in September, archery hunting precedes it by two weeks and continues through the regular season, allowing for prime hunting and excellent stalking.

As the locals would say, “Gotta get me moose, b’y!"